Real Talk: Why I Switched to Grey Towels

Why I Switched to Grey Turkish Towels and Where to Find a Great Deal!

Why I switched to grey towels

Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus, but I need to have nice, CLEAN towels, blankets, pillowcases and other soft things in my life. When they start to get stained, frayed and torn up (as they inevitably seem to do since my washing machine eats fabrics and my cats claw up everything within reach), I always want to replace them immediately, but often can’t afford to do that. I recently had a “towel brainstorm” and some of you will hear it and be like “DUH Jen!” But I want to walk you through my thought process anyway.

Okay so a year or so ago, I bought some really nice white, ribbed Turkish towels. They are huge, very thick, and looked gorgeous for about a month or so – and then they started to show SO MANY STAINS. Stains would come mostly from me (I’ll be honest). The stains came from makeup, self-tanner, and hair dye. The reason I bought WHITE towels in the first place, was that I thought I could bleach them to remove stains. I mean, hotels do it, right?

Well, I tried it and it did NOT work. I guess you have to use a ton of bleach for that to work. I tried soaking them all day with a cup or two of bleach and a washing machine full of water, and they got a little brighter, but the stains didn’t budge. Okay look – I’m not Martha Stewart, so maybe I did it wrong, but I also realized that bleach isn’t healthy, and it’s not something I want to be soaking my towels in all the time. I am very sensitive to well…everything…and when I clean with bleach, I get a migraine and feel sick within about 60 seconds. So why would I want to add bleach to towels that are going to be rubbed on my wet skin? Probably not smart.

So, basically I had all these really nice, white towels, but they were covered with stains, and I never wanted people to come over to my house and see these gross looking towels hanging in my bathroom. I decided that I needed to switch over to a darker color that wouldn’t show stains as much. But I’m VERY picky about towels, so here were my requirements for any new towels:

  • They had to be very absorbent (Have you ever bought those really fluffy towels that seem to repel water? No thank you to that.)
  • They had to be lint-free (I wear contacts and lint makes putting them in impossible)
  • The bath sheets needed to be large (I’m not drying off with a washcloth sized towel!)
  • They have to be soft (No one wants scratchy towels!)
  • They needed to be reasonably priced (I have a lot of financial priorities right now and towels ain’t one of ’em!)
Why I switched to grey towels

And that’s it. A tall order, but like I said, I’m picky about stuff like this. So I spotted these Home and Plan Turkish Towels on Amazon. They are selling a pack of 8 towels (including 2 30″x60″ bath sheets) for $49.95. The reviews are pretty good, and it seemed like a great deal. When my order arrived, I’ll be honest with you – I was disappointed because they seemed so much thinner than my current towels. I contacted the brand, and they told me to give the towels a wash and try them out to see if my mind could be changed. I did, and guess what? I’m totally a fanatic for these towels now!

Why I switched to grey Turkish towels

Once I washed the Home and Plan towels, they did puff up a bit, but they were still thinner than my previous towels. BUT, here’s the thing – they are CRAZY-ABSORBENT. Like really. The extra thickness was not at all necessary, and even better, I could fit a lot more of these in one load in the washing machine. Quick Dry also means saving energy & time (less time in the dryer on the lowest heat setting = less energy use). Plus, I can stack up a lot more of them on my towel stand in the bathroom. We live in the city, and our house is fairly small, so space-saving measures are necessary.

Great deal on these Turkish towels on Amazon

Not only that, but they lived up to all of my requirements: they are very absorbent, lint free, the bath sheets are quite large, very soft (and they get softer with each wash), and the price is right! They come in 14 colors (including white) but I had to get over my white towel fantasy and try grey towels. My husband, Gregg, was so happy, because he always tries to slip black and grey towels in the cart when we’re shopping. He’s always been a fan of darker colors, but I take my title as Lord of the Bathroom very seriously, so I almost always override him. But now that I’ve experienced the wonders of grey towels, I’m completely on board.

Why I switched to grey towels

A couple more reasons why I’m in love with this particular Turkish towel set… The 8 piece set comes with two wash cloths, two hand towels and two sizes of bath towels – two extra large bath sheets and two smaller ones that are perfect for wrapping my hair when I get out of the shower. They are also produced in a factory that is pesticide and harmful chemical-free! All materials used in manufacturing are Oeko-Tex and ISO 9001 Certified.

The 8 piece set from Home and Plan on Amazon is already a pretty great deal considering the high quality of their towels, but they are offering a limited number of 15% off coupon codes for My Beauty Bunny readers! To snag a code, click here. But HURRY because they are going fast (one per person please)! If you have Amazon Prime, order now and you’ll have a whole new bathroom in a few days!

Here's why I switched to all grey towels - amazing Turkish towels deal on Amazon

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