Is Cosmedix Cruelty Free?

Is Cosmedix cruelty free?

Is Cosmedix Cruelty Free?

I’ve had some of you ask me, “Is Cosmedix cruelty free?” And honestly, I wasn’t sure because it’s not a skincare brand I’ve been that familiar with over the years. I reached out to Cosmedix to determine if they are truly cruelty free, use cruelty free ingredient suppliers and avoid selling in retail stores in regions that test on animals (like most provinces in China). Here’s how they answered my eight cruelty free questions (via email):

Hello Jen!

Please see below (in bold) the answers to your questions. We hope this information helps!

Have a great day!

Kaleigh H.

1. Are the finished products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company? NO

2. Are the products tested on animals during the production process by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company? NO

3. Do you have documents from your ingredient suppliers to show that they are not testing on animals for your brand or any other brand? Yes. We sell most of our products in Europe, which requires non-animal testing statements against the ingredients as well. It is against the law to test on animals in Europe.

4. Does your manufacturer purchase any ingredients from laboratories that conduct tests on animals? No Do you have documents to support this? Yes, we have attestations from our suppliers supporting this.

5. Are the products sold in any markets where animal testing is required by local law and regulations (China, etc)? No

6. Are the products vegetarian? (no animals killed for the products – i.e. some forms of collagen, squalane, etc.) Most of our products are vegetarian. However, there are a few products that might contain animal derived ingredients, like collagen. Which is ethically sourced and taken from the by-products which is not intended for human consumption.

7. Are the products vegan? (i.e. product ingredients that come from animals like lanolin, honey, milk, etc. – being vegan is NOT necessary for my blog, but a bonus for my vegan readers) Although most of our product are vegan friendly, we do have some products that still contain animal derived ingredients (examples would be lanolin, collagen, albumin). We label all our products either on packaging or the website to indicate which products are vegan friendly.

8. Is your company certified by Leaping Bunny? (It’s easy to get certified by and it’s free to join without licensing the logo) No, we have not reached out to receive certification by Leaping Bunny at this time.

I was happy to hear that they passed the test and I can now consider Cosmedix cruelty free! I have added them to my cruelty free beauty brand list. One point I need to make for question number three though – just because a brand sells in Europe, does NOT mean they are cruelty free. There are a lot of loopholes, and a brand can sell in Europe AND still sell in regions that require animal testing (like most provinces in China).

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